coffee date: 7/7

If we were on a coffee date…or more likely an iced tea date, given the weather, I’d tell you:

  • I start my new job in less than a month and I’m both excited and nervous. My nerves probably stem from the fact that I know practically nothing about my job and responsibilities. I don’t know which student group I’ll be working with or what my day to day life will look like. I’m excited to start a new professional adventure and can’t wait to be stationary, working with the same students day-in and day-out.
  • I start classes in seven weeks! I already bought and received two of my textbooks…and I may or may not have already started to excitedly flip through them. I miss being in a classroom setting, learning and engaging with others. I miss being a student and taking control of my own learning experience.
  • This holiday weekend was exactly what I needed. We went to the beach, started binge watching a new TV show, ate delicious brunch, and kept our not-so-American 4th of July tradition alive. For the last three years, we’ve celebrated this holiday by eating Mexican (mainly tacos) and indulging in ice-cold margaritas. Sadly, this year, A got food poisoning. Oops.
  • My best friend and lil’ sister arrived yesterday and I’m so looking forward to a week of adventures with her! I love our beach trips and can’t wait to share the magic that is Disney World with her! Plus…I’m hoping she’ll indulge me and we can try new brunch places around town. Her visiting will be good for my soul and spirit.

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