• Continue to be a voracious reader.
    • Read all the lonely books sitting on my shelf that I’ve never picked up. I have exactly 30 books on my tiny shelf that I’ve never read. Some I’ve had for years and some I’ve only acquired recently; some are fiction and some are non-fiction. However, I’ve vowed to not book another book until I’ve read these 30–with the exception of Roxane Gay’s Difficult Woman (which came out today!) because I’ve been waiting for this book for months!
    • Read at least 50 books this year…compliments of my annual Goodreads challenge.


  • Continue to find a healthy balance.
    • Food. When last semester started, I was doing pretty well at planning for our weekly dinners and cooking; however, towards the end of the semester, it seemed YOYO (you’re on your own) dinners and takeout where on the menu more often than not.
    • Fitness. I still have a on-off relationship with working out; last year, I went through a yoga phase, two running phases, and now an Insanity phase. I just need to find something I enjoy and stick with it. I’m contemplating signing up for another half marathon–I always seem to stick with something when I’m working towards a larger goal.
    • School and work. As always, I’m still a workaholic and still an overachiever–and not in a healthy way. I work more hours than I should and still procrastinate on my school work. This semester needs to be different (and will be!), as I’ll have classes, my assistantship and an internship! Hopefully, my hours will be more structured that I have less time to overcommit in one area or another.

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