the dilemma of an introvert.

I am a hardcore introvert. I get mentally and physically drained when I have to engage with a large group of people. I tend to get cranky, lethargic and detached. Most people think my life’s motto is, “I hate people.” I don’t hate people. I hate the way people make me feel after interacting with them. I’d much rather sit-down and have a solid conversation with one or two people. Engaging with too many people in a short amount of time is overwhelming and not meaningful; I feel like I can’t be myself.

The last few days I’ve been helping to coordinate and host my graduate program’s interview days. We hosted almost 50 candidates and 25 potential employers–plus the volunteers that are already in our program. There was lots of smiling, cordiality, and customer service happening. I am a confident person; I’m fine with public speaking; I don’t mind meeting new people. But, by the end of the three-day program, I was cranky and ready to ignore the world.

Know yourself. Self-care is important–particularly for someone going into a very people-oriented field. Besides a few errands I needed to run this morning, I’ve been a shut-in today. Food, a healthy session of Netflix binging, little communication with the outside world, and bit of housecleaning later…and I’m feeling recharged and energetic. Here’s to the last full week of work before spring break, more time for self-care, and a visit from a good friend.


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