whole 30: fail.

A and I are officially done with Whole 30…just not in the way I anticipated. Unlike other diets, Whole 30 isn’t necessarily geared towards weight-loss–but instead encourages the elimination and reintroduction of common allergens to determine what foods actually fuel your whole30body, and what foods are actually causing you to feel worse. Thirty consecutive days without sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy and all their by-products.

I started off my reading through The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom and learning about the program; next came my favorite part…meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep!

True to Whole 30 form, Day 1 felt great; I was motivated and encouraged that we were making healthy changes for our bodies. And then Day 2 and 3 happened; I was plagued by a massive headache–which I’m told was my body trying to process the two plates of pasta, key lime pie and various glasses of wine I had during the weekend immediately before we began Whole 30. However, since then, it’s almost been a breeze; I don’t think I’ve felt any other wonky symptoms or consequences…either I wasn’t eating as much junk as I thought I was before, or I just have no idea how to listen to my body. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Unfortunately, on Day 12, we decided to stop. It was restricting, A wasn’t really into it, and I have to travel for a facilitation experience later this week, where I’ll be staying and eating at a hotel (that doesn’t have a fridges or microwaves in the rooms!). Ultimately, we’ve decided to continue experimenting with Whole30 recipes and have set some other food limitations for us.

The best thing to come of Whole 30 was discovering so many new recipes. So, here’s a roundup of a few favorites:

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